Raw materials are subjected to melt flow (MFI) tests. As a result of these tests, raw materials complying with the standards are put into production.

Ribbon yarn production is carried out with high-speed, PC-controlled extruders fed by precision dosing systems.

In line with the customer's request, fibrillated yarn is produced with the desired properties.

The yarns produced in the yarn line are subjected to strength tests and the suitable ones are directed to weaving looms with 4, 6, 8 shuttles.

Fabric production settings are made according to the desired features from the loom control unit. Fabrics woven in machines with precision processing are wrapped in beams.

The fabrics coming from the weaving line are laminated with the extrusion principle with the desired properties according to the usage areas.

QRP printing method, which provides high resolution quality, is applied in printing processes. Up to 6 different colors can be printed on one or both sides of the fabric with printing inks that are suitable for working conditions and have high quality standards.

Printed orders go through the prepress graphic design stage. All kinds of support are provided to customers in terms of developing a new design or existing design upon request.

Fabrics treated in weaving, printing or lamination lines are cut into desired sizes. The sacks that have been cut are applied with a single or double layer of base stitching with high-strength sewing threads produced in Kursan.

Laminated hose fabrics are taken to the fully automatic processing machine to make the block bottom (envelope bottom) and open the valve. Micro perforations are applied to the sacks cut to the desired size, and micro holes are opened to allow the air inside to escape during filling.

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