Believing that quality is not only in the product, but also in every field from production to customer relations, from service to communication, Kursan works with the awareness that people at all levels, from workers to general managers, are an indispensable part of the quality system.

In order to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction at Kursan, products suitable for use and hygiene rules are produced.

Kursan products are produced from 100% first-hand and environmentally friendly materials and thus do not harm the nature.

Kursan, which has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, aims to offer safer and healthier products by taking the necessary precautions by preventing all kinds of dangers that may threaten human health, with the HACCP studies started as of 2005.

Big bags produced in KURSAN are tested by LABORDATA Institute accredited by EFIBCA.

KURSAN, who was deemed worthy of the "Golden Packaging" award in the traditional packaging competition organized by TSE in 2004, was entitled to represent our country in the "Worldstar" world packaging competition organized by the World Packaging Organization WPO.

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