While performing R&D activities, we meet the needs emerging in domestic and foreign markets.

We believe that quality is not only in the product, but also in every area from production to customer relations, from service to communication.

Raw materials are subjected to melt flow tests. As a result of these tests, raw materials complying with the standards are put into production.


Kur Group of Companies

Center G.A.P. KUR GROUP OF COMPANIES, located in Gaziantep, the capital of the project and the industrial and commercial center of Turkey, is one of the few and large industrial and commercial groups in the region with 45 years of industry and trade experience.

Who Are We?

KURSAN started its activities by producing in the synthetic woven fabric and sack sector.

We are on the agenda

Holosack, produced with a new technique developed as a result of Holosack and Kursan® research and development studies, was met with great interest on the agenda and its name was heard in many local newspapers.

Our Human Resources Policy

Company culture forms the basis of KURSAN Human Resources practices.

Our common values, which are born from the corporate culture, that each of our employees are proud to have and share, and that define the behavior of an effective employee who will carry our company to the future;

01. Respect for Human

02. Team Spirit and Solidarity

03. Being Dynamic

04. Creativity and Innovation

05. Having Self-Confidence.

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