Polypropylene Woven Sack

Usage areas

Standard Sack Flour, Sugar, Legumes, Cereals, Salt, Bran, Feed, Rice
Laminated Sack Coal, Fertilizer, Granular, Chemicals, Lime
Transparent Sack
Perforated Sack
Potatoes and other vegetables
OPP Coating Bag
Metallized Sack
Chemicals Pet Foods, Shopping Bags
Cotton Sack
Polyjute Sack
Flour Pulses, Cereals, Nuts

Special Applications

OPP Coating, Metallized coating, PE Inner bag, Bellows, Ultrasonic Overlock, Perforation Hole punching,

Product Details

Base Mouth Color Oppression Handle
Single fold single stitch Hot Cut In the desired colors according to the customer's request All colored Warp colored Up to 4 colors on 2 sides Printing on the bellows punch handle
single layer double stitching Cold Cut Plastic handle
Double fold single stitch Chain Stitch Strip handle
Double fold double stitching Overlock Knit Handle
Width 30 – 225 cm. Height 40 – 250 cm. Weight 50 - 200 gr/m2

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