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KURSAN'da Turnuva Heyecanı


   Semih Saygıner of KURSAN in billiards, champions of KURSAN in table tennis, backgammon and chess, come across each other in a strong competition.

   Semi final
   The activity room of KURSAN has seen the most crowded day. The tournament, arranged in two stages as semi final and final, aroused much interest. After strong matches lasting hours in semi finals, winners of the semi finals became clear. After one week, people came together for the final…


The final day was waited with excitement and preparations were completed. The final day ended with the happiness of the champions and congratulation of the losers. Finance Manager Mr. Orhan Çelik became champion both in billiards and table tennis.

The champions took their rewards with a great honor. We hope the success of our friends to go on all times of their life.

Hope to meet in the next tournament…